Brent Crouch

“It was a tough day when I realized I could no longer care for my father at my home. Despite my best efforts to find him a good place, his first destination was not a good choice. It was obvious it was not going to be a long term solution and I needed to find another option quickly.

The morning I called Spring Meadows and spoke to Melissa, I knew I had struck gold. She was understanding, compassionate, and caring. She ended the call by saying, “Even if you choose not to send him here, if I can help you in any way, just call me back.”

A few weeks later my father was transferred to Spring Meadows and my family was able to breath a sigh of relief. Due to CV19, visits with my father were limited to window visits and telephone calls. It was a tough time for us, but what made it bearable was I knew he was well taken care of by the staff at Spring Meadows. I never worried about him the entire time he was there. He was always clean, feed, and treated with dignity.

My father made his final transition a couple of weeks ago, but to Melissa, Amanda, Emily, Sierra, and the other staff at Spring Meadows, I say, “Thank You for a Job Well Done”

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